What is medical-surgical care?

It’s care for patients with medical conditions or recovering from surgery, found in all healthcare settings.

Skills required in medical-surgical nursing

Nurses must excel in pharmacology, wound care, pain management, and patient education, and have strong critical thinking skills.

Responsibilities of medical-surgical nurses

They assess and monitor patients, administer medications, coordinate care, and provide emotional support to patients and families.

Patient education in medical-surgical nursing 

Nurses educate patients about their conditions, treatment options, symptom management, medications, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Quality improvement in medical-surgical care 

Nurses participate in initiatives to enhance patient outcomes and identify areas for improvement within healthcare settings.

Canaan Healthcare’s commitment to medical-surgical care

Their highly skilled nurses provide compassionate and evidence-based care to patients of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on education, emotional support, and coordination of care.

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